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Welcome to our official website, with quick and easy access to all of our event sign ups and event information!

Our Project is dedicated to creating unforgettable holiday experiences by providing top notch fundraising events such as Halloween decoration services, a winter wonderland event and orchestrating egg hunts for homes. Through these festive events, we aim to raise funds to support Danvers DECA, while spreading joy and community spirit to all.

F. Anderson

"Another brilliant fundraising idea."

M. Dwyer

"Such a fantastic idea! We did easter last year and you guys were amazing. Will totally snap up Christmas!!."

D. Toomey

"Just came to say thank you to the three sweet girls who decorated my home today!! They did a great job and let my little one hang with them!"

Our Holidays

Meet the Team

The Holiday Headquarters Team:


60 Cabot Rd.
Danvers, MA 01923



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